Anxiety and stress during board examinations


Anxiety and stress during board examinations

Exams are an imperative stride in our lives. If we have to reach to a mild stone we must take an exam and pass it first, whether it’s in written or oral form or an interview. Exam stress can be a real challenge for any student or a young person. Though, every person has a dissimilar tolerance for fretfulness during the exams. And off course a diverse way of responding to it. Feeling a lot of nervousness, stress & pressure due to examinations is absolutely a customary reaction. Everyone has gone through the same experience but some students go under depression and start feeling isolated.

The pressure to do well and succeed grows with the passage of time, students felt constricted by the expectations from their parents, teachers and even their peers. Their anxiety began manifesting them self in different ways: they began experiencing migraines and bouts of depression as well as refused to interact with others. There are also many students who suffer silently until they crumble under intense stress and pressure. Some of the symptoms, such as melancholy, not interacting with others, decrease in sleep and appetite, fatigue, exhaustion and lack of attentiveness, are indications that a person needs appropriate relief.

Many students lose their desire for food, do not take care of their personal hygiene and experience severe headache. Here are some tips as per my experience which I would like to share with every student who is going to appear for boards .The students need to form a strict study schedule and stick to it; do not study for long hours at a stretch, take a break on every one hour. Do not panic if you can’t recollect what you have learned. Go through the concepts again and again. Eat healthy; ensure that you drink at least 10-12 glasses of water a day. Exercise, meditate or practice yoga to de-stress. Identify what causes the stress and find solutions to tackle them. Do not position perverse expectations. Just execute these suggestions in your every day routine and you will be incredibly fine during the examinations.

Here are some interviews of those intellectual personalities who have already experienced boards :-

INTERVIEW: Mrs. Sandeep Kaur Grewal

Mrs. Sandeep Kaur Grewal, a professor of MRIIRS has shared her experiences about board examinations. She said,

“She did not have any stress; she never felt any anxiety & gloominess due to boards or any other exam. In fact she looks at board examinations from a very logical and coherent point of view, as she was a very practical person since her childhood. She has shared the way she used to study and prepare for the examinations. She really has faced so many difficulties while preparing for the boards because she used to live in a village named Ramnagar in Nanital. Earlier, there were hardly good tuitions and teaching facilities found. Even in her school there was no access to good libraries or reference material. Also, they did not have many sources to prepare in better and orderly manner. So, she along with her younger sister studied and taught as they both were classmates. They both were teachers to each other. Sandeep says, “My sister was my most reliable teacher and it was very heartening to share knowledge with each other. Being each other’s guide, we often were able to point out each other’s mistakes”.

Moreover, her mom has also helped her and her sister a lot during their preparations. The exams would not have triumph without their mother’s efforts. Though she could not help them out in their studies (Since she was only class 8th pass) but she always woke them up in time; midnights & early mornings, so that they did not over sleep at a time when they should have been study. She also sacrificed her sleep for the sake of her daughter’s result only. She used to serve them cup of hot milk, dry fruits and many more eatables during their preparation time, so that the pressure won’t affect their heaths. Her mother was really a big support said Sandeep.

INTERVIEW: Mrs. Roma Ghosh

Mrs. Roma Ghosh, another professor of MRIIRS has also shared her experience. Said,

She did not have boards at her time. But she had ICSE and that was equally valuable as board examinations. The significance, excitement and also the edginess was almost same because 10th and 12th are the toughest stage for any student. Moreover, she has a twin sister so she was also worried about their same mistakes; such as spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. She, in fact, the both sisters was much tensed about the checking of papers”.




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