” Hope Gym and SPA ” Faridabad will celebrate its 1st Anniversary , Reinforces their commitment to Fitness


“Hope Gym and SPA” Faridabad will celebrate its 1st Anniversary, Reinforces their commitment to Fitness

Spotlights to give physical amd mental fitness to its members on the occasion of its anniversary

Hope Gym and SPA, Faridabad has always committed itself towards physical fitness as their corporate and social value, right from the fitness level to gaining mental strength of the members and with one year of successful fitness zone in Faridabad with brand name ” Hope Gym and SPA ” now reinforces their commitment to fitness and giving its members an excellent and healthly atmosphere to get fit physically and mentally. Now, members will will experience an one-stop-fitness-zone at the Hope Gym and SPA in Faridabad.

Sandeep Vishariya & Surender Aggarwal, founders of Hope Gym and SPA, Faridabad welcomes members to the 1st Anniversary of the Gym. They proudly announce that Hope Gym and SPA with its healthy atmosphere facilities and one-stop-fitness-zone is now one of premium gyms of Faridabad where they believe to give members training to gain physical and mental strength. Hope Gym and SPA is expected to accelerate its plans to expand at a rapid rate with over 2 gym every year. This will give Gym members access not only to the Gym but also other formats provided under the banner Hope Gym and SPA.

Hope Gym and SPA is a special regime designed by Sandeep Vishariya and Surender Aggarwal and his team of specialized and professional trainers who have impart definite knowledge, technique and philosophy. It majorly focuses on improving the range of motion, full body strength and core activation. It is a trained-level course that is available for trained as well as untrained fitness lovers.

At Hope Gym and SPA, it is mission of the founders to create a healthy atmosphere where members are comfortable and increase their physical and mental strength. Hope Gym and SPA aim to redefine fitness and aspire to transform and empower a billion people to be their own hero.

They strongly believe in the philosophy of healthy living which is integral to brand Hope Gym and SPA – it is not just about being fit, but truly undergoing a transformation in your lifestyle and understanding the connection between mind and body.


About Hope Gym and SPA, Faridabad

Hope Gym and SPA, founded in June, 2017 by Sandeep Vishariya & Surender Aggarwal, is a platform for bringing like-minded people together to believe in the philosophy of becoming the best version of themselves, empowering a billion people to ‘be their own hero’. Hope Gym is one of gyms that is open all days and for 16 hours in a day. Apart from the physical training it provides outdoor activities to the members to increase the mental strength.

Hope Gym and SPA has two branches in Faridabad and it is 16 hours in a day and 365 days open.

At Hope Gym and SPA, we do not just believe in fitness but also activities which includes the participation of the members.

Members participate in the activities at Hope Gym and SPA.



Founders of Hope Gym and Spa, Faridabad


Sandeep Vishariya , co-founder of Hope Gym & Spa

Sandeep Vishariya is co-founder of Hope Gym and SPA, he worked in Human Resource profile with reputed company but after working for two years he thought to but he choose his dream to start his profession that was to be fit. He thought a start a gym where he can see his dream turning in his profession. Sandeep Vishariya believes to instruct and motivates individual or groups for exercise activities which includes cardiovascular exercise strength training and stretching he loves to train people of all ages and skill levels.

He says that he still remember when he left his job and then gave 35 interviews in six months and was not not selected in any. But fitness was always his strength and was mentally strong so that was the time when he thought not do any job but rather be an entrepreneur and thought to start a business. He further said that mental strength is very important as that works as catalyst when you are in stress and have fallen in life. He then arranged funds from friends and bank to start his his dream project and with Surender founded Hope Gym and SPA.

Sandeep Vishariya says,

 “Your brain is very powerful , It can make you or it can break you ” 

So never give up on our dreams and situations….

Surender Aggarwal , co-founder of Hope Gym & Spa

Surender Aggarwal is co-founder of Hope Gym and SPA and onwer of a real estate company in Faridabad. Surender Aggarwal says that was not always fit like he is right now. He was very busy in his real estate business but suddenly thought that has gained a lot of weight and now need to get back to his original. He started his gym and reduced to drastically from 96 kgs to 75 kgs. Surender Aggarwal says that as Sandeep Vishariya fitness is his passion and works a lot on the same.

Surender Aggarwal says “I’m always interested in opportunities that help promote equality in Fitness, so I was impressed with the idea and vision behind Hope Gym and SPA. It was refreshing to create a fitness zone with modern equipments and healthy atmosphere that helps members not only nurture up to a fitness world but also be physically and mentally fit.

Sandeep Vishariya and Surender Aggarwal dream to open atleast two Gyms every year as their expansion under the brand name of Hope Gym and SPA.

Sandeep Vishariya and Surender Aggarwal dreams to expand their business under the banner Hope Gym and Spa

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